Well low and behold…I didn’t quite get my answer from the service yet but the assessor did call. The report was received an I was emailed the receipt as proof. During our discussion about how royally I believe the service screwed up she mentioned something I have questioned for years…
She put it gently but it was still a sucker punch, as I had been blow off by the previous school district when I broached the subject. She questioned if HB was ever evaluated for autism in conjunction with the bipolar…I used to question this due to the lack of social ques and the inability to build and maintain any type of relationship. His aides and teachers have always integrated a TON of sensory aversion techniques into what he does as he overloads quickly. HB has marked hyperextension in his lower body and some decreased muscle tone, usually blown off by his size. After spending a mere 3 hours in conversation during assessment and watching interactions she too, picked up on this.
I am now composing another letter to the district asking for a new CST evaluation and calling out not only the bipolar but, autism spectrum disorder. Is he high functioning, YES but it explains the incessant redirection and not being able to progress past certain
I feel so lost in the sea of uncertainty. All anyone ever wants is the best for their child and as hard as I’ve fought for as long as I have, I feel as though a disservice has been done. I pushed that issue for a while but dropped it when “professionals” told me no. What I did NOT know was that if they truly wrote that in his IEP it would have cost them more $. They took away his OT early on for his gross motor and claimed budget cuts and non progression, now I think it was just so it didn’t go into the IEP and cost more. That school district was so rich but so much has come to light in the few years since we have left.
My stomach is in constant knots. Not sure how to react. I am of course going to follow through with the letter for reevaluation and wait for my case manager to do her thing. This time I will even finally have someone on my side in these meetings as my case manager will go with me.
Can I ever make up for a failure when I feel it’s too late? Can I somehow make up for lost time/services? Will HB ever understand that it wasn’t because we didn’t care but simply because we just truly didn’t know what else to do? How can I explain to PB and SG that a part of their life that they can never get back may have been ruined but lack of management of their own sibling?


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