Back to the Grind

So back to the “norms” today…Whatever they are.  Delayed openings for the kids and real work for me.  All in all ok.  SG is sick and was home with Hubs, PB went to school when I went to work. HB went to school.  HB also proceeded to eat every bit of my hidden PMS stash.  Yes, I have a secret candy stash just for that time.  How did I discover this?  He watched me grab M&M this AM from my stash for my work bag.  When hubbs went to move my stash(we move everything often because of HB eating addiction) after HB had gone to school EVERYTHING was gone but wrappers.  All in the time Hubbs was in the restroom… Are you kidding me?  So when questioned about it do you think he came clean??? NOPE

Tried blaming me, then his sister, who, even standing on a countertop, wouldnt be tall enough to reach the “spot”.

Once caught he proceeds to tantrum for well over an hour.  Hubbs headed to work, lil ones at play and me, well I kept doing what needed doing as I work both of my jobs tomorrow.(Yes, I work PT at a gym to cover SG tuition for gymnastics)  Once my chores were complete, I called the 24/7 line of the place that is supossed to help get us additional services, HA!  That was a freaking joke.  After holding for 15 mins, they still have yet to review the needs assessment from almost 2, yes 2 weeks ago.

This is the tip of the iceberg…This is one of the only services we can do anything through because we make too much $ for assistance, he has a solid foundation, we are married but, we can not get him qualified for more intensive treatment until he fails at home therapy as well.  How do you get in home therapy??? This service is supossed to provide it.  They are also supossed to do alot of other things as well but I am not seeing it.

I explained to the woman on the phone how disappointed I am seeing as though when the DR came out to do the assessment, they had never updated the info in the comp from the old address/phone numbers, even though when I set up the assessment appointment they asked for the info about 7 times.  Why ask if your too lazy to follow up?  I’ll never understand.

Her response to my disappontment…SILENCE, not a how can I help, what can I do to make this eaiser NOTHING.  I explained my past experience…again…SILENCE.  My response at that point was, “Is this a common practice because you surly do not seem shocked or willing to help?, Is this all I am to expect while my son hangs in the grey area?” To that I finally got a, “Let’s try to 3 way the service that did the assessment and see where the hang up is”

I responded with, “I thought you said it hadn’t been reviewed yet? Now you are stating it isn’t even recieved…What is it”


Me “You have until FRIDAY to sort this mess out and I will be in touch with the needs assessor tomorrow AM, get it together”

Service: “I am so sorry this seems to keeps happening to your case, we have a lot of referrals and everything takes time”

ME: “Well my time is running out, my kid is in constant chaos and I can no longer sit him on a gurrney in some stupid hospital hallway to speak with morons who just send him home after he is done charming them after police removal, to turn around and go right back to the same shit.  FIGURE IT OUT BY FRIDAY”

I hung up.  My blood was boiling.  Could that have gone more professionally, SURE.  Do I really care…Not at this point.

My lil ones seem weepier then normal lately and my anxiety is through the roof.  I never know what is next or what obstacle will stand in our way next…What shoe will drop???


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