Snow day, Throw day

So after crazy weekend we had TODAY. Yet another snow day. Getting a bit obnoxious at this point, seeing as the children will be in school until July at this rate…Ugggh.
Anyway, We all slept in a bit as my work was closed as well and Hubs was late getting home due to the weather. I woke up losing my voice, achy sick ect., but…I’m a mom so, no days off.
HB started his garbage right away. He completely flipped when told to take a shower(this is a constant battle, and some days one I dont even care to entertain but today, he STUNK). Apparently his ODD goes into overdrive when a multitude of subjects are brought up, one being hygeine, oh goody! There is some connection between depression and showering in kids. I will have to link the article when I re-find it.
As I walked out of his bedroom after speaking to him about the shower, I heard the first THUD of the day…(Really!!!! We weren’t even up 2 hours yet…WTH). After several consecutive THUDS I knew I had to go see what th deal was. I did. I was greeted by a 12 yr old “beast” (5’7” 200lb) throwing himself around the floor because,
” All you ever fu&*ing make me do is shower, and you hate me, you bi*#h”.
“No, HB I do not, I love you but you MUST shower as it will cause problems if you don’t. Not just in school by smelling and such but your health overall”
This was greeted with a flying filp flop and a “I hate my life” tantrum that ensued for 45 mins.
Meanwhile, little ones played on and at times mocked HB. I of course, stepped in to correct them as even though HB couldnt hear them I could and I know that is sometimes how they cope but, it isnt tolerated.
After a bit HB took his shower, and came out like nothing(as usual). I gave him lunch at lunctime and sent him back to his room for his outburst. That got a typical pre-teen stomp, rolled eyes and nasty grunts. Oh well.
Super girl found out gymnastics was cancelled at that point and started to have a meltdown. When she isn’t at school she is there…Its her coping mechanisim, I encourage it. Once I resolved those tears and set up “circut” in the basement for her to train she was a bit better, not happy but better. Well until PB decided to skateboard through it. Yes, he’s an extreme sports nut, yes I encourage that as well.
My husband and I both agree that they all need outlets, we just wish HB would find one. We’ve done hockey(ice,street, roller), soccer,basketball, football, instruments, intellect challenges, scouts, drama, cooking, technology, you name it. He likes them all for a breif period then, NEVER AGAIN.
Anyway, I digress. HB resurfaces and askes to spend time with us in the living room. I oblige. He asks aout the PS3, I say no remind him tha privilege is still gone after running away. He again tantrums. SO this time I take kidsback to basement as Hubs is asleep in bedroom and I couldn’t g HB to his room as he was in Hulksmash mode. Tossing pillows and blankets about, punching the floor, WHATEVER!!! Mind Numbing is the only way to explain and I was too sick to really push back.
Once he was calm I sent him outside to shovel for large muscle release and for scenery change. He did well and came in okayish. Well untill PB said out loud to Hubbs when he got up to get ready for work “HB was being a big baby again and I think he needs a crib.”
And so it began AGAIN, only this time HB threw a throw pillow and it hit the dog who proceeded to let out a massive burp, that made Hubs throw another pillow at PB for fun and this time we kinda avoided the tantrum and had a good laugh.
After the giggles came business talk about behavior and whats next…it didn’t work, HB did not want to talk, just scream. Hubs went to work, I continued to do the daily tasks, get kids in bed and now trying thealtho find strength to get up and walk to my bed. To hopefully, feel better and look for a better day.
Side note…What kinda timing was that to get hit with a pillow and BURP? It was such a good laugh for the 5 of us for a change of pace.

Take a look at this page if you have questions about kids mental health


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